Durban COP 17 end game: live twitter updates

11 December 2011

Dario Kenner, Durban, South Africa

The COP17 UN climate change negotiations finished around 5.30am this morning. The COP Presidency held by South Africa claim they have delivered the Durban package: A Second Commitment Period of the Kyoto Protocol, a mechanism to allocate funds for mitigation and adaptation (the Green Climate Fund), continuation of work on a new legally binding deal. However, there are many critical unresolved issues including: developed countries actually committing to specific numbers for their emissions reductions, emissions reductions commitments based on science, what happens to those Parties that have said they will leave the Kyoto Protocol (Canada, Japan and Russia), where the money will come from for the Green Climate Fund, the role of the the Global Environment Facility (World Bank) or the UNFCCC in the Fund among many others.

Update 17 December:

Further analysis for the Durban package can be found here:

Different viewpoints:

More information on the Durban negotiations:

My background article on UN climate change negotiations from June 2011 Climate Change negotiations continue their slow march towards the precipice

Closed high level meeting on last day of COP17 negotiations (credit: Dario Kenner)

Closed high level meeting on last day of COP17 negotiations (credit: Dario Kenner)

Updated live blog (until 5.30am Sunday 11 December)

Check updates on twitter here:!/dariokenner

We are approaching the end game here in Durban as the COP17 climate change negotiations are meant to finish today – well it was meant to be yesterday actually. This page will have tweets direct from the conference.


Dario Kenner @dariokenner 10 mins

#cop17 5am Durban package approved.Decisions on #greenfund , #LCA + #kyotoprotocol .2nd Commitment Period but weak + empty.Analysis tomorrow

AWG Durban Platform draft text has “protocol” “legal instrument” “legal outcome”.So which is it? #EU + #india agreed on “legal force” #cop17 4:09 AM, Dec 11th via web · Details

#cop17 prob soon approve”establishment of an AdHoc Working Group on Durban Platform for Enhanced Action”.Does this replace Bali Action Plan?

#cop17 3.30am #EU + #india agree language “legal force” 4 #durban outcome. S.African COP Presidency present Durban package for approval soon

3.30am #cop17 #EU + #india agree language “legal force” 4 #durban outcome. S.African COP Presidency present Durban package for approval soon

Also, remember that proposals still include end of Kyoto after 2nd commitment period, weak pledges & not necessarily legally binding #COP17

Retweeted by Dario Kenner

Scrum in the middle of #COP17 plenary. Many including EU, India and US. Negotiating equity and binding. It’s happening now…

Retweeted by Dario Kenner 2:49 AM, Dec 11th via web · Details
Africa group disappointed by lack of ambition but willing to support text – heartbreaking to hear hopes 4 better next time #climate #cop17
Retweeted by Dario Kenner 2:35 AM, Dec 11th via Twitter for BlackBerry® · Details

2.40am. Looks more likely #durban package will be approved #cop17 after Africa Group say support it. 10min break now 4 India+EU 2 talk

2.25am #cop17 plenary.Lots support 4 legally binding deal #grenada #china #bolivia #brazil #egypt . Some want 4 ALL, some 4 developed states

Joint informal plenary still on. Parties considering draft package of outcomes. Formal plenary to convene later and decide by consensus.

Retweeted by Dario Kenner2:23 AM, Dec 11th via Facebook · Details

Final #cop17 plenary. #EU + #colombia strong call 4 legally binding instrument by 2018. #india say text is weak + must include CBDR + equity

#cop17 Dramatic end AWGLCA plenary #venezuela said received threats from developed countries to accept LCA text or no get 2CP or #greenfund

#cop17 12.45am.Final plenary due 2 start (COP/MOP) #venezuela object AWGLCA text.Will countries object or accept Durban package?Expect drama

Dario KennerDario Kenner @dariokenner4 mins

#cop17 surprise surprise. #usa wants to adopt #LCA text. They are real winners in #durban – consolidation shift to voluntary pledge + review

#cop17 #bolivia several countries leave #kyotoprotocol .No account+compliance system AWGLCA 2 verify if developed countries reduce emissions

#COP17 Bolivia is not happy to see that markets are included as instruments in climate package under LCA text.

Retweeted by Dario Kenner

#cop17 AWG #LCA text prob go through.Almost all countries accept indirectly.Gambia directly “We accept the text as part of Durban package”

#cop17 #venezuela 2 #LCA chair “you ask us 2 accept text with no chance 2 discuss it.Clear it is take it or leave it.Not ambitious agreement

RT @amarapossian: Why are so many people agreeing to move forward while stating that the LCA text is unacceptable? #cop17#climate

Dario KennerDario Kenner @dariokenner9 mins

#cop17 Africa Group position crucial Durban outcome. DRC say mitigation text unbalanced.Needs comparability +CBDR.Concern longterm finance

#cop17 9.55pm. Now in AWG #LCA . Countries deciding if accept chairs text. #bangladesh accept it even though it crosses several red lines

#cop17 9.20pm:AWG #kyotoprotocol end. #EU manage 2 get 2013-2017 bracketed + also include option 2013-2020. #venezuela “no accept weak 2CP”

#cop17 8.25pm. AWG KP re-start soon. Issue of length of second commitment period the issue. When this one finish 3 more plenarires.#unfccc

#COP 17 Does the EU know what ambition means? They demand 8 years or 1.5% emission cuts per year instead of 5 years or 2.5% per year.

Retweeted by Dario Kenner

#cop17 .8pm. AWG-KP plenary re-start soon. Opening statements focus on length 2CP. #EU want 2013-2020. #grenada and #colombiasay 2013-2017

#cop17 President say Durban delivers “legally binding framework”, but no mention there is still huge emissions gap + very low level ambition

#cop17 President say Durban delivers “legally binding framework”,but no mention there is still huge emissions gap + very low level ambition

#cop17 Presidency, plenary: Strong call on all countries 2 adopt Durban package incl. 2CP #kyotoprotocol + #greenfund .But what type of 2CP?

#Bolivia– there is no compliance system under 1bi- the issue of markets is imp for our delegation. Sec to organize workshops#COP17 #Durban

Retweeted by Dario Kenner
6.30pm: 5 hours later everyone still waiting 4 ministers 2 reach agreement. Stocktaking plenary may start soon. Uncertain outcome at #cop17

#Nicaragua we have great concerns about finance. GCF didnt deal with sources because that was in LCA Finance.Where are they now?#COP17 #G20

Retweeted by Dario Kenner
Civil society march at COP17 climate change negotiations (credit: Dario Kenner)

Civil society march at COP17 climate change negotiations (credit: Dario Kenner)

@estrelitadelmar yeah its seeming more and more likely to be a bis and yes they may meet in Bonn on April depending on whats decided today.

Retweeted by Dario Kenner

No real progress or decisions in closed ministerial #cop17 meeting. Countries express views. Developing question lack of ambition developed

On #kyotoprotocol Nicaragua: must include CBDR, ´commitment´ replace ´intention´. Need to know figure + time ref. A1 reduce 2013-2017 #cop17

Closed meeting ministers and #cop17 Presidency now discussing red lines on #kyotoprotocol . Numbers of members of each delegation reduced

Dario Kenner @dariokenner16 mins

12.45pm #cop17 #durban .In closed meetings negotiators saying “we have hours to leave Durban with outcomes”. Getting near to crunch time

Dario Kenner @dariokenner50 mins

Many countries ask #cop17 Presidency 4 clarity on process today. Probably plenaries this PM. Many say no want take it or leave it document

Dario Kenner @dariokenner57 mins

12pm #cop17 President just confirm reconvene 1.30pm.Countries+groups now focus on #LCA #KP texts.Problem is:each hour delegates leaving conf

Dario Kenner @dariokenner1 hr

#cop17 President also said”these texts are less ambitious that what is needed but more ambitious than no outcome at all”.Pressure is on here

Dario Kenner @dariokenner1 hr

Just been in room where #cop17 President say:”These are not take it or leave it texts, but neither take it + improve it due to lack of time”

Dario Kenner @dariokenner1 hr

11.10am #durban #unfccc negotiations in limbo. Heard that Chairs of groups (G77 etc) meeting now with S.African COP #cop17Presidency

Dario Kenner @dariokenner3 hrs

9.50am Still lots to do today: reach agreement #kyotoprotocol text between countries in “Indaba” meeting + THEN go to plenary #cop17#unfccc

Dario Kenner @dariokenner3 hrs

This article still reflects current state of play at #cop17 #durban#climatechange negotiations

Dario Kenner @dariokenner11 hrs

Indaba meeting over.Now time 2 analyse latest #kyotoprotocol text until 6am when focus turn 2 AWG #LCA text. Long night/morning ahead #cop17

Meera Ghani @MeeraGhani11 hrs

GCF draft text page 2 #COP17 #Durban apologies for the poor picture quality

Retweeted by Dario Kenner

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Dario Kenner @dariokenner11 hrs

Secretariat just tell Indaba meeting #kyotoprotocol text arrive 1.20am (5 chapters + annex) and AWG #LCA ready 6am #cop17#climatechange

Dario Kenner @dariokenner12 hrs

Indaba meeting has started again. Currently on #greenfund . G77 wants secretariat #unfccc . #USA and #EU want GEF. No agreement yet #cop17

Richard Black @BBCRBlack15 hrs

AOSIS draws up own version of mandate #cop17 asks for action on renewables efficiency and get deal agreed by end of 2012

Retweeted by Dario Kenner

Dario Kenner @dariokenner16 hrs

#cop17 S.African President: I will work on new text 2 reflect delicate balances + present draft decisions 2 you asap. Now:Chairs AWGs report

Dario Kenner @dariokenner16 hrs

#china : we have low per capita emissions, this text kill #kyotoprotocolimmediately. Full implement Bali Action Plan. No kill AWGs #cop17

Dario Kenner @dariokenner16 hrs

We getting into real issues now: #india say right 2 develop. No break firewall between develop+developing- who do more mitigation.#cop17

Dario Kenner @dariokenner16 hrs

Looked for a moment like this meeting would end and #cop17presidency would work on new text but not happened yet. Time running out, now 8pm

UN climate change negotiations, COP17 Durban (credit: Dario Kenner)

UN climate change negotiations, COP17 Durban (credit: Dario Kenner)

Dario Kenner @dariokenner17 hrs

Venezuela:We all agree respect Convention. Let´s give #cop17S.African Presidency mandate 2 develop a balanced text. Let´s save today, today

Dario Kenner @dariokenner17 hrs

USA: Agree Australia. Agree EU timeline by 2015, ratification takes time, no say post-2020. Can improve language on increase ambition#cop17

Dario Kenner @dariokenner17 hrs

Australia: Text is +ve step, framework to achieve historic outcome. The 2CP #kyotoprotocol is on the table as part of this agreement#cop17

Dario Kenner @dariokenner17 hrs

#bolivia :Need legal binding deal, obligations+compliance system.This text questions #unfccc Convention. Offer 2 work with Presidency#cop17

Dario Kenner @dariokenner17 hrs

Nicaragua: ALBA cant accept text. Unbalanced, just big emitters, Call on S.Africa to provide a more balanced text. #cop17 #climatechange

Dario Kenner @dariokenner17 hrs

Gambia: Are we sure after 2020 Tuvalu exist?We no want 2 B held hostage on KP. Durban text must be based Bali Action Plan, not end it #cop17

Dario Kenner @dariokenner17 hrs

EU:text not reflect urgency,not ambitious enough.Legal framework not enough, we want a protocol. Lot of work needed to agree on text.#cop17
Dario Kenner @dariokenner17 hrs

Tense standoff #cop17 #unfccc negotiations on draft “Indaba” text presented by South African COP Presidency earlier today. Current summary

Dario Kenner @dariokenner18 hrs

In closed meeting #cop17 Presidency+states: So far developing states strong rejection 2 draft text that proposes legal framework after 2020

Pablo Solon @pablosolon19 hrs

Cambio Climático: Convierten al Protocolo de Kioto en un via @wordpressdotcom

Retweeted by Dario Kenner

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Dario Kenner @dariokenner19 hrs

#cop17 heard furious reaction developing countries 2 texts”our people are dying” “this not a valid text” “fatally flawed on#kyotoprotocol

Dario Kenner @dariokenner19 hrs

Got my hands on South African Presidency #cop17 texts. Postpones decision on #kyotoprotocol until 2012. #unfccc

Dario Kenner @dariokenner19 hrs

#cop17 shock from most countries “Indaba text”. Says “crafting a future multilateral rules-based response under UNFCCC framework after 2020”

Dario Kenner @dariokenner20 hrs

#cop17 Am in room with COP President+ministers. They just decided 2 postpone discussion of “Indaba text” until 5.45pm. ALBA question balance

Dario Kenner @dariokenner21 hrs

4pm. Heard the “Durban text” is being analysed by countries now. Later on in a plenary each country will decide if they accept it.#cop17

Dario Kenner @dariokenner21 hrs

Protest inside #cop17 #unfccc negotiations conference centre. Been going about 30 mins. Very loud! Lots of chanting “climate justice now!”

Fiona Harvey @fionaharvey22 hrs

US, China and India are not the only ones against a deal in Durban – the NGO community also against the roadmap. #COP17

Retweeted by Dario Kenner

Dario Kenner @dariokenner22 hrs

2pm #cop17 AWG #LCA mitigation negotiations finishing up to present options to ministers. #brazil question Biennial update report text

Pascale Palmer @Pascale_Palmer22 hrs

#cop17 president: we are now working hard on CP2 of KP, and longterm finance – we don’t want to launch an empty Green Climate Fund

Retweeted by Dario Kenner

Dario Kenner @dariokenner9 Dec

12pm #cop17 #durban Hearing there will probably be 2CP of#kyotoprotocol until 2020..but low ambition + new markets. #unfccc#climatechange

Kelly Rigg @kellyrigg9 Dec

Here are the 3 options for #cop17 outcome. 1 strongest, 3 weakest. US wants 3. Let’s see who else sides w thm today.

Retweeted by Dario Kenner

Dario Kenner @dariokenner9 Dec

Heard: some progress on trustee (GEF) and governance (under COP) of #greenfund but still not clear longterm finance #cop17#durban #unfccc

Connie Hedegaard @CHedegaardEU8 Dec

Interesting development: got confirmed that Brazil DOES support to be legally bound if other big economies are

Retweeted by Dario Kenner

Dario Kenner @dariokenner8 Dec

#cop17 #durban . Nothing new really…developed countries have political will for more markets in KP and LCA but not for deep emissions cuts

Dario Kenner @dariokenner8 Dec

Will more carbon markets+voluntary emissions reduction pledges stop #climatechange ?? Currently on the table at #cop17 #unfcccnegotiations

Dario Kenner @dariokenner8 Dec

Today AWG #LCA mitigation 1b1 and 1b2 informals finally looking at options to present to Ministers #cop17 #durban #climatechange#unfccc

Democracy Now! @democracynow7 Dec

Least Developed Countries, Small Island States Face U.S. Resistance to Binding Climate Deal #cop17

Retweeted by Dario Kenner

Dario Kenner @dariokenner8 Dec

As we approach end #unfccc #cop17 Pablo Solon argues we are headed for a repeat of #cancun and #durban

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Dario Kenner @dariokenner7 Dec

7.30pm AWG #LCA informals finally drafting text on the screen (currently biennial reporting) with just 2 days to go until end #cop17#durban


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