TIPNIS road conflict

Analysis and opinion articles from 2012 on the road project through the TIPNIS national park and indigenous territory

A march by indigenous movements against a road through the TIPNIS (credit: Dario Kenner)

A march by indigenous movements against a road through the TIPNIS (credit: Dario Kenner)


2 July. NACLA: Bolivia: TIPNIS Marchers Reach La Paz, Following Police Strike and Coup Allegations LINK

28 June. IPS: BOLIVIA: From Police Mutiny to Indigenous Vigil LINK

26 June. Indian Country Today: Indigenous Delay March as Police Strike Grips Bolivia LINK

6 June. Indian Country Today: Second TIPNIS March as Important as First, Despite Lack of Attention LINK

22 May. NACLA: Bolivia’s TIPNIS March in a Changing Political Environment LINK

10 May. Global Voices: Bolivia: Development at What Cost? New Conflict Over TIPNIS Road LINK

27 April. NACLA: Bolivia: TIPNIS Protesters Launch National March, Seek Indigenous-Urban Alliance LINK

16 April. NACLA: New Twist for TIPNIS Road: Bolivia Cancels Highway ContracLINK

30 March 2012. Indian Country Today: Bolivia TIPNIS road conflict reignites LINK

23 March 2012. Upside Down World: Bolivia’s TIPNIS Conflict: Indigenous Peoples Denounce Legal Persecution LINK

23 March 2012. NACLA: Bolivia: TIPNIS Communities Plan National March and Resistance to Government Consulta LINK

2 March 2012. NACLA: TIPNIS Conflict Challenges Bolivian Workers Federation LINK

24 February 2012. Latin America Press (Ricardo Herrera) A New Battle is Looming in TIPNIS LINK

19 February 2012. Bolivia Rising blog (Frederico Fuentes) Bolivia: Challenges along path of ‘governing by obeying the people’ LINK

16 December 2011. COHA: The TIPNIS Affair: Indigenous Conflicts and the Limits on “Pink Tide” States Under Capitalist Realities LINK


5 Junio 2012. Erbol: Cumbre social paralela a la OEA rechaza apoyo a indígenas de tierras bajas LINK

26 Abril 2012. Erbol: 17 claves para entender la marcha en defensa del Isiboro Sécure LINK

25 Abril 2012. CIPCA: ¿Que Pasó entre la Octava y Novena Marcha Indígena? LINK

22 Abril 2012. Rául Prada blog: Otra vez el TIPNIS LINK

23 Marzo 2012. Evo sobrevoló el TIPNIS y se habla de posible nuevo trazo LINK

13 Marzo 2012. Reporte de la segunda Comisión Nacional de la CIDOB, 11 y 12 de marzo en Trinidad LINK

6 Marzo 2012. Rául Prada blog: Espesores de una coyuntura candente LINK

Febrero 2012. CEDIB (Pablo Villegas) La Ley 222 afecta radicalmente el derecho a la Consulta Previa LINK

Febrero 2012. Erbol (Gonzalo Colque) Divide el TIPNIS y Reinarás LINK

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  1. […] on the May protest wave (1 | 2) and on the police protests-turned-mutiny: May 30 | June 25. A compilation of coverage of the Ninth Indigenous March and the TIPNIS conflict is at Dario Kenner’s Bolivia Diary. The […]

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