From Water Wars to Water Scarcity: Bolivia’s Cautionary Tale (ReVista)

Emily Achtenberg, ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America, Link to original article, Winter 2013 When Bolivian President Evo Morales arrived at the new Uyuni airport last August and found no water running from the tap, he publicly reprimanded and promptly dismissed his Minister of Water. As it happened, the pipes were merely frozen. The incident underscores the critical—and … Continue reading

Bolivia Enacts New Law for Mother Earth (ICT)

Mother Earth

Sara Shahriari, Indian Country Today, Link to original article, 26 October 2012 “Mother Earth is the living dynamic system made up of the indivisible community of all living systems and living beings, interrelated, interdependent and complementary, which share a common destiny. Mother Earth is considered sacred; it feeds and is a home that contains, sustains and reproduces … Continue reading

Durban COP 17 end game: live twitter updates

Closed high level meeting on last day of COP17 negotiations (credit: Dario Kenner)

11 December 2011 Dario Kenner, Durban, South Africa The COP17 UN climate change negotiations finished around 5.30am this morning. The COP Presidency held by South Africa claim they have delivered the Durban package: A Second Commitment Period of the Kyoto Protocol, a mechanism to allocate funds for mitigation and adaptation (the Green Climate Fund), continuation … Continue reading