New law mandates harsh penalties and broad services to address violence against women in Bolivia (AIN)

By Andean Information Network. Link to original article, 21 March 2013 On March 9th 2013 the Bolivian government passed a new comprehensive and progressive law to combat violence against women.  The law includes preventative measures, wide-ranging services to survivors of abuse, and severe penalties for violence against women.  The law represents a great advance from previous legislation, which … Continue reading

Victims of Bolivian dictatorships protest impunity and lack of compensation (AIN)

The Platform marching with COB; “Platform of Advocate Against Impunity and for Justice and Historical Memory of the Bolivian Dictatorship Survivors” (credit: Gonzalo Ordoñez for AIN)

By Andean Information Network. Link to original article, 16 November 2012 [“The wounds caused by the dictatorships remain…” Photo credit: Gonzalo Ordoñez for AIN] Bolivia has had more military coups than any other nation in the world.  Hugo Banzer (1971-1978) and Luis García Meza (1980-1981) were the most notorious Bolivian dictators in the Twentieth Century.  More than 30 years … Continue reading

Against Impunity in Bolivia’s TIPNIS Conflict: Ex-Defense Minister Speaks Out (NACLA)

(Sacha Llorenti takes UN oath. Credit: Angel Llanes, La Razón)

Emily Achtenberg, NACLA, Rebel Currents, Link to original article, September 14, 2012 Almost a year after resigning as Bolivia’s Defense Minister, Cecilia Chacón has broken her silence to question President Evo Morales’ recent appointment of ex-Interior Minister Sacha Llorenti as ambassador to the UN—an act which, she says, signifies impunity for those responsible for the police repression of lowland … Continue reading

Prison Detainees in Bolivia: Bad Fruit of a Slow Judiciary System (AIN)

Overcrowding in Bolivian prisons

Bolivia Diary was created by Dario Kenner. This article was written by Andean Information Network. Background article by Bolivia Diary from March 2012: Murders in El Alto spark debate on Bolivian Justice system. —————————————————————————————————————————— Written by the Andean Information Network. Link to original article. 15 August, 2012. On June 3, 2011, the Bolivian antidrug police … Continue reading

Murders in El Alto spark debate on Bolivian justice system

March to demand justice and dealth penalty (credit: Dario Kenner)

8 March 2012 Dario Kenner, La Paz Updates on Bolivia: Facebook: The murder of two journalists in El Alto on 25 February 2012 has led to an intense debate about the justice system in Bolivia. Indigenous communities from the Ingavi province (La Paz region) marched through central La Paz on 5 March (see video) to demand justice for the … Continue reading