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July 2012

30 July. Christian Science Monitor: How Latin America is reinventing the war on drugs LINK

2 July. NACLA: Bolivia: TIPNIS Marchers Reach La Paz, Following Police Strike and Coup Allegations LINK

June 2012

28 June. IPS: BOLIVIA: From Police Mutiny to Indigenous Vigil LINK

26 June. Indian Country Today: Indigenous Delay March as Police Strike Grips Bolivia LINK

25 June. Andean Information Network: Rough Sketch of Bolivian Police Mutiny LINK

7 June. Bolivia Information Forum. News Briefing LINK

6 June. Indian Country Today: Second TIPNIS March as Important as First, Despite Lack of Attention LINK

May 2012

30 May. Andean Information Network: Bolivian police protest promotion and presidential policy LINK

22 May. NACLA: Bolivia’s TIPNIS March in a Changing Political Environment LINK

15 May. Andean Information Network: Bolivia may 5-14: crisis of compromise and consultation LINK

10 May. Global Voices: Bolivia: Protests Sweep Across the Country LINK

10 May. NACLA: Nationalization, Bolivian Style: Morales Seizes Electric Grid, Boosts Oil Incentives LINK

10 May. Indian Country Today: Bolivia’s Economy Grows, but Challenges Still Persist LINK

8 May. Andean Information Network. Bolivian Protests: Concessions fail to meet high expectations LINK

7 May. Bolivia Rising blog: Bolivia nationalises power company on May Day LINK

1 May. BBC: Bolivia nationalises Spanish-owned electricity firm LINK

April 2012

27 April. Andean Information Network: COHA “spotlight” on Bolivian Coca out of focus LINK

27 April. NACLA: Bolivia: TIPNIS Protesters Launch National March, Seek Indigenous-Urban Alliance LINK

16 April. NACLA: New Twist for TIPNIS Road: Bolivia Cancels Highway Contract LINK

13 April. Radio Netherlands Worldwide: Compost not cocaine LINK

5 April. WNYC radio: Underreported: The Price of Quinoa’s Success LINK

3 April. TIME: Quinoa: The Andes’ Virtuous Wonder Food Gets Down and Dirty LINK

March 2012

30 March. Huffington Post: Series on Women Changing the World: Domitila Barrios, Bolivia LINK

30 March. Indian Country Today: Bolivia TIPNIS Road Conflict Reignites LINK

27 March. International Socialism: The Morales government: neoliberalism in disguise? LINK

23 March. Upside Down World: Bolivia’s TIPNIS Conflict: Indigenous Peoples Denounce Legal Persecution LINK

22 March. Andean Information Network: Contrary to Popular Belief: Lynching in Bolivia Decreased Significantly in 2011 LINK

21 March. The Guardian, Comment is Free: Bolivia has transformed itself by ignoring the Washington Consensus LINK

20 March. The Christian Science Monitor: Bolivia says no to cocaine, but yes to coca LINK

15 March. Andean Information Network: Sachs Versus the Facts on Bolivia LINK

15 March. NACLA: Remembering Domitila: Making Bolivian History LINK

2 March. NACLA: TIPNIS Conflict Challenges Bolivian Workers Federation LINK

February 2012

10 February. NACLA: Bolivian Congress Adopts Controversial TIPNIS Consultation Law LINK

17 February. NACLA: Bolivia’s TIPNIS Conflict: In Search of an Alternative Highway Route LINK

24 February. NACLA: Bolivia’s TIPNIS Conflict: Letting the People Decide? LINK

29 February. TIME: Bolivian Buzz: Coca Farmers Switch to Coffee Beans LINK

January 2012

10 January. Andean Information Network: Economist Wrongly Reads “Rough Justice” into Bolivian judicial reforms LINK

11 January. The GuardianDisabled people in Bolivia on the march in quest for equality LINK

12 January. The Guardian: Urban population boom threatens Lake Titicaca LINK

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  1. Al;an Poole says:

    when are the indigenous people of bolvia going to protest march against the poloticians to protect the jungle

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